New Year, New Things!

Image from http://www.123rf.comHello everyone,

After a long break due to my non-online life getting waaaay too full, I’ve straightened my collar, polished my glasses and am getting ready to blog my way through 2015!

To that end, I want to expand what I’m doing here on Adventurous Hearts. Still, I need to acknowledge that I am a lone woman, working for a living, running three blogs and writing novels and short stories to boot. That means I need to cast a net and look for people who would like to join me in the crazy.

I would love to find one or two people two review romance/erotica books and shorts for this blog. Reviews would include queermance as well as het. You might have to begin with reviewing books you already have, though I’m trying to organise to get review copies from a few publishers at the moment.

If you’d like to be a regular contributor (at least once a month, though more often if you’re keen) please email me at with a few words about yourself and why you’d like to take it on!