New competition: Pimp my e-Book!!

The Opposite of Life is now available as an e-book on At last it is available at a reasonable price to people living outside Australia! At last you can add it to your own digital collection!

To celebrate, and to get the word out there, I am running a Pimp My e-Book competition.

Visit my Facebook page for winners and details.

All you have to do is get the word out there: add the link to your Facebook wall; tweet about it; blog about it. Tell forums and your Goodreads groups. If you have the urge, go and leave a review on the page for it. Of course, there are four different places you can do that:

(I must stress that entry in the competition does not rely on you leaving a good review. If you want to leave a review, say what you really think. You’ll get an entry whatever you say, though obviously I hope you enjoyed it.)

Then all you have to do is paste your link on my Facebook wall or in a reply to my blog here to be in the running for a prize pool of specially-made prizes (pictured). These include t-shirts, tote bags, pens, a coffee cup and a key ring all featuring the cover of The Opposite of Life or the artwork Audrey Fox did for the sneak preview of the sequel, Walking Shadows.

I’ll keep a tally of everyone who has entered. Every week, I’ll select a winner, some at random, one or two for any particularly creative or effective promotions on the book’s behalf.

Already some people have spread the news on Twitter and Facebook: so the first two entrants in the competition are Julie Salisbury and Tom Cho!