A new competition! Help support Japan!

Art by Cagle Cartoons, allvoices.com

Some of you may know, from my recent tweets and Facebook updates, that my brother Bryce and his wife Megumi (and her parents) live in Japan. Their home in Saitama province, north of Tokyo, was not directly affected by the quake, tsunami or the ongoing worries with the nuclear power plant, but that does not mean they or their community are unaffected. A disaster of this magnitude naturally affects everyone profoundly.

Bryce works at a local school and I have already sent him some gifts for the kids and some black and white artwork provided by Yvon Hintz for the kids to colour in.

Bryce and I discussed how else I might support him, his family and his adopted countrymen and women, and we thought a competition that also aimed to encourage donation to organisations that would help with the relief and reconstruction effort.

The competition part.

In keeping with our shared black humour, Bryce has suggested that everyone should post their favourite post-apocalyptic film, with a link to something about the film – a youtube link, a picture, a funny essay, fanart, whatever you like. Bryce and I will judge the results based on… whim, I suspect.

Bryce is looking for a suitable prize around his area in Saitama. Whatever the prize ends up being, it will involve things from Japan and something Godzilla-related. This is another element of the coping-with-disaster through black humour, I guess. Stay tuned for more detail, but it will be something cool!

Part the second

Here is a selection of organisations and groups who are raising funds for Japan. If you like the sound of one, please consider donatingn something, however large or small. Or pick another fund raiser you know and like.

I have made a donation to Red Cross International. There is no need to let me know whether or not you have donated, though we would of course be delighted to hear if you want to share that with us.