Gary and Lissa are talking to each other on Twitter again

LissaWilson83 @garyhooper44 If this was based on you, what would it smell like? GaryHooper44 @LissaWilson83 You can be weird sometimes. Um. Maybe… craft glue? I’m making models today. And Old Spice? LissaWilson83 @GaryHooper44 Why Old Spice? That’s an aftershave isn’t it? You don’t shave do you? GaryHooper44 @LissaWilson83 No. Hair doesn’t grow now I’m undead. But I used to […]

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GaryView: The Wolf House – Roads and Crosses by Mary Borsellino

Lissa: Who’s your favourite character in this one? Gary: I don’t know, really. They’re all interesting. Lissa: That is not an acceptable answer, Gary. You’ve got to have a favourite. Gary: Why? Lissa: … I don’t know why. Gary: Well, who’s your favourite character? Lissa: As if you couldn’t guess. Gary: … Lissa: It’s Will, you dope. WILL! Gary: And […]

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Review: Subversive Activity by Dave Luckett

I picked up this book from Dave Luckett at Swancon in April. It’s been a while since I read one of Dave’s books, but I have always enjoyed his vivid, laconic style. “Subversive Activity” is a reminder of why I like his work so much! Wry, deadpan humour; distinctive characters; fresh, deft writing;  solid research that enhances rather than overwhelms […]

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