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The Neighbours of Night Terrace: George Ivanoff

The Kickstarter for the third season of the brilliant radio SF comedy, Night Terrace, is entering its final third. In celebration, I’m interviewing a number of people involved with the previous two seasons and the current series!

Today it’s:

George Ivanoff

Whose roles in Night Terrace include being the Scientist in Hello, My Name is Eddy; the Scribe in season 2 ; and a short story writer for the Season 3 Kickstarter (in the Digital Stories reward level and above)

How did you get involved in Night Terrace?

It started off with a small role as a rather incompetent scientist in the prequel mini-series Hello, My Name is Eddy. I guess the lovely people who make the show thought I did okay, as they then offered me the role of Scribe in the second season episode “A Verb of Nouns”. [I blogged about the experience] And now I’ve been asked to write a short story for the Kickstarter campaign. Which I am super excited about.

Why did you get involved?

Because I’m a fan of the show. OMG… I love it so much!

Right after listening to the first season I started emailing the creators begging them to let me be involved in some way… any way at all. I would have been happy with a one-liner. Oh… so if any of the creators are reading this… you could have my voice back for season 3, you know. I’d happily come into the studio just for one line. Or one word. Maybe you need a random dying scream? Hey, you know, I could buy one of the Kickstarter packages that gets me a line in season 3. Sorry… getting distracted. Now I’m getting the chance to write a story.

Did I mention that I’m super excited about it?

What do you love about the show?


It’s funny and smart; it’s full of pop culture references; and it’s kind of Doctor Who-ish without being a rip-off. I love the cast. The three leads are awesome, but what I really enjoy is picking through the who’s who of the Australian entertainment industry in the guest cast. And I adore the fact that this show is Australian. Yay, Australia!

What’s your favourite line/quote from NT?

There are so many that I love. But I’m going to have to go with one of Scribe’s lines. Actually, I can’t pin it down to one line. There are three that I really loved delivering…

“I’m so sorry your majesty, was I scribing too loud?”
“Strangers in both custom and dress. They had weird hair as well. But who am I to judge?”
“Oh there are many ancient traditions and rights that the people must observe. Or else the Beast of Sevdalis will tear their hearts from their living flesh and eat their souls.”

What’s the best feedback you’ve had about the series?

On a personal note, I had feedback from several people I know saying they didn’t realise I was voicing Scribe until the end of the ep where they tell you the cast. As an actor, that is really nice.

But overall, I’ve been really stoked by the feedback the series as a whole has got from Neil Gaiman. I’m a HUGE Gaiman fan, so him liking the show is a wonderful collision of fandoms for me.

What key skill would you bring if you ended up travelling in time and space with the crew?

The ability to spot a pop culture reference at ten paces.

Would you like to travel in time and space with Anastasia, Eddie and Sue?

Seriously? Would I like to be lost in time and space with Susan from Neighbours? You bet!


Well… Maybe! 🙂

Would you like to be part of the next season of Night Terrace? Zip over to Kickstarter to listen to the very first episode, and pick your pledge level!

Now out: Sherlock Holmes: Beyond the Canon Volume 1

Now that the Kickstarter has been successfully completed, Belanger Books’ 3-volume Sherlock Holmes: Adventures Beyond the Canon – an anthology of sequels to canon Holmes stories– is now available.

In the first volume is my contribution, “A Gentleman’s Disgagreement” – a sequel to “The Blue Carbuncle”.

Buy Sherlock Holmes: Adventures Beyond the Canon volume 1

Kickstarter – Sherlock Holmes: Adventures Beyond the Canon

I mentioned a few posts ago that a new Kickstarter was about to launch to fund an anthology of sequels to original Arthur Conan Doyle stories from the Sherlock Holmes canon.

The  Sherlock Holmes: Adventures Beyond the Canon Kickstarter campaign was launched on 1 August 2018, and it’s already been fully funded.

But that’s no reason to light a pipe, indulge in a seven per cent solution or go and have a flutter on the races (which was more Watson’s vice). If you back the Kickstarter, you can get hold of any or all of the three volumes, as well as back the book at higher levels and get even more Sherlock Holmes bookish deliciousness for your pains!

My story, ‘A Gentleman’s Disagreement’, will appear in the first volume of the anthology. It’s a sequel to ‘The Blue Carbuncle’ and follows what happens almost immediately after the end of the original story. It involves a second theft, some unpleasant accusations, a few incautious comments and a night in a prison cell for Dr Watson.

Here’s an excerpt:

I threw some papers from my chair onto the floor with the others, causing Holmes’s expression to spasm in disapproval, as though I had upset some order within the mess. I cheerfully ignored him as I took my seat, drew out my pipe and packed it from the Persian slipper.

I briefly felt sorry for the Countess, so unlucky in love. “His behaviour is scandalous,” I said, lighting my pipe with a match.

“You’ve forgiven her, then, for your night in prison?”

I puffed to ensure the tobacco was well lit and eased back in my chair. “It was an invigorating few hours at least,” I said magnanimously, “And the fault wasn’t entirely hers. Several of us had a hand in it.”

Holmes threw back his head and roared with laughter in that rare but wholehearted way of his, and I grinned.

“You are a diplomat, Watson,” he declared, still laughing.

“And you did apologise very handsomely for your share,” I said, saluting him with the stem of my new pipe, which he’d gifted me not long after the incident, “Though I’m grateful you secured my release before matters got out of hand.”

My friend sobered at the reminder. “Yes. Any longer in the lock-up with those old ‘friends’ of ours might have been less invigorating.”

“I was thinking more of the effect of the damp on my old wounds,” I demurred, though his evident concern, then as now, warmed me more than any apology.

The Kickstarter also includes interviews with the authors for every day of the campaign, talking about which story they chose to write a sequel to and why, among other things.

Learn more about Sherlock Holmes: Adventures Beyond the Canon or back it on Kickstarter.

Sherlock Holmes news: an audiobook and a Kickstarter

I have two excellent bits of news about some of my Sherlock Holmes short fiction!

An audiobook of a recent anthology is now out and a different anthology is launching through Kickstarter in August!


A while ago, the anthology Baker Street Irregulars: The Game is Afoot was published, featuring stories about Holmes and Watson in alternative universe settings. My story, ‘The Problem of the Three Journals’ puts them in contemporary Melbourne – they run a cafe called The Sign of Four, where John is a barista and he helps Sherlock, a perpetual science student, solve mysteries for their customers!

The audiobook of that anthology, which I wrote about in April, is now out through Audible and Audiobooks.com. I’m delighted that ‘Three Journals’ is being read by a New York-based Australian actor, Jamie Jackson.

(I’ve listened to Mr Jackson’s reading of my story and I can’t tell you how delightful it is to hear my words brought to life! Sherlock hilariously ruining a nasty bloke’s love life at the start is my jam!)

If audiobooks are your jam, you can get it here:


In the meantime, Belanger books is releasing an anthology of stories that are sequels to original Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes stories.

I’ve written a sequel to ‘The Blue Carbuncle’ – I was never terribly happy that Holmes and Watson were sitting down to dinner while they knew an innocent man was still held in prison.

The three-volume anthology, Sherlock Holmes: Adventures Beyond the Canon, is being funded through a Kickstarter campaign that will go live in August.

My story, ‘A Gentleman’s Disagreement’, will appear in the first volume. I’ll post again when the Kickstarter launches, so this is just waving hello to people who like to support books through them.

For more information on the other stories and authors from the anthology, there’s a blogpost on Belanger‘s site.