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Welcome to Dangerous Charm for book-inspired jewellery! Read more about the store and the books that inspire these items or scroll down for news and jewellery for sale!

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Sherlock Holmes
Kitty and Cadaver
Ineffable Husbands (Good Omens)
Children of the Night (Bats & wolves & vampires, oh my!)
Magical Houses (inspired by Harry Potter)
Duo Ex Machina
Richard III

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Stitch Markers
Wine glass rings

Signed books: I’m in the process of ordering more of my books to include on the site as well as new Holmes/Watson; Ineffable Husbands; Kitty and Cadaver; Vampires of Melbourne ; and paranormal-themed jewellery. Come back later in the new year for these!

Kitty and Cadaver/Bronze fundraiser
Until the end of January, 50% of all Kitty and Cadaver jewellery sales will go to the Bronze band fundraiser for their next album, which will include the Kitty & Cadaver song “Down”!

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