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A Certain Persuasion (2016)

Story – Know Your Own Happiness

…in an excellent modern parallel for the family and romantic dynamics of Persuasion, “Know Your Own Happiness” allows a young man to revisit his capitulation to his family’s rejection of his bisexuality with a chance to choose true love this time. I particularly liked the subtlety with which the theme was developed. For much of the story, the Austen reference is all about the protagonist’s reluctant attendance at a book club…and then the Captain Wentworth-analogue enters and suddenly all is made clear.

~ Heather Rose Jones, Amazon

An adaptation that successfully transfers the pressure Anne’s family put on her into a scenario that makes sense for the current day. The fact that Cooper hadn’t actually read Persuasion made the parallels humorous.

~ Ellie, Goodreads

Q: Queermance Volume 1

Story – Late Bloomer

Commissioned to celebrate Melbourne’s inaugural Queermance Literary Festival this is an anthology of erotically-charged romances from famous, emerging and aspiring writers.

Q: Queermance Volume 2


Story – The Birthday Present

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