Narrelle M Harris on Andrea L Farley

The Only One in the World: internal art by Andrea L Farley/Altocello

I first discovered the artist known as Altocello when Atlin Merrick waved at Andrea’s stunning portraits of Adam Driver, almost speechless with glee at the glory she beheld. So yeah, we knew from the start that Andrea had mad skills. Just look at that self-portrait that appears on the post image to the left.

Originally, we thought Andrea’s photorealistic style would be great for my idea of a wunderkammer-style cover image, but that idea didn’t really pan out (I should stick to words) and was in any case too similar to a cover for another upcoming CDP anthology.

But Andrea’s work on the items for the ‘cabinet of wonders’ – one to reflect each story – were too stunning to give up. Instead, they were perfect to illustrate the title for each of the stories.

I’d asked the authors to select one or two things to represent their tale, and they sent me a fabulous ideas. Andrea rendered them all in exquisite detail, from a pair of high heeled shoes and a champagne bottle, to musical instruments and books, to a nasty little wasp and a fuzzy little bee.

I was charmed to see in her interview at Clan Destine Press that Andrea, like me, first fell in love with Holmes and Watson through the Granada TV series with Jeremy Brett.

If you’re intrigued, take a look at Andrea’s interview about her art on Clan Destine Press, where she answers questions about how she feels about Sherlock Holmes, the most interesting part of drawing for the anthology, the coolest things she learned while creating them and what’s next for her art.

You can buy The Only One in the World at Clan Destine Press right now.

More about Andrea

Follow Altocello on Twitter or visit her website, where her detailed essays on the portraits she creates are as fascinating and insightful as the pieces themselves,