Lockdown Fiction: Stone and Herring, INc.

This was written for the prompt at Clan Destine Press.

Bill Stone is built like an undernourished ferret. His associate, Gaz Herring (known as Red to his mates and the police) is built like an over-nourished four year old, all round, short softness and guileless eyes.

Do not, under any circumstances, let that fool you.

Red and Bill are a lot brighter than they look: bright enough to encourage people to think them stupid. Bright enough to see a gap in the market and to develop a skill set to fill it. (Red learned about this sort of thing when he did his economics degree; Bill learned it from his Uncle Stew, a small time drug dealer who is doing ten years for drug trafficking, consecutive with 10 for manslaughter: he didn’t know the gun was loaded.)

Together, these men fix problems of the human type. When someone is in the way, they remove the blockage. They don’t even care if the pay is meagre. You see, Stone and Herring have a business model inspired by rock and roll. Dirty tricks aren’t so much done dirt cheap as for a laugh.

And they have an awful sense of humour.