Lockdown Fiction: Queen of Cats

This is a tiny something I wrote in response to the latest Improbable Press prompt word list: foolish human, pixelate, melting, on the carpet

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Queen of Cats

This foolish human heart of mine has melted. Look at you, Miss Fuzzy Drawers, Kitty LaRue, the Feline Queen of All She Surveys, squirming on the carpet with your paws in the air and a coquettish tilt to your whiskers. What price dignity now, puss?

I’ll take a picture for posterity – My Cat Empress, in playful mood.

I know it’s a trap. You know that I know it’s a trap.

I’m going in anyway, to rub your white belly, hairs as soft as silk (claws like needles, teeth like pins). No blood is drawn – you’re a merciful tyrant.

And I’ll post that photo, the Monarch Reclining at Home, but I’ll pixelate your face to protect your identity and maintain your mystery.