Cover Reveal: Dark Deeds Down Under

Look at this gorgeous cover for this fantastic anthology of Australian and New Zealand crime fiction!

The anthology, edited by NZ crime fiction expert and author, Craig Sisterson, features writers who are practically crime fiction royalty across those two nations.

A lot of the 19 stories bring new tales of characters we already love – Kerry Greenwood’s Corinna Chapman and the Nancys from RWR McDonald’s delightful series. Katherine Kovacic offers another story about art expert Alex Clayton and Sulari Gentil’s Rowly Sinclair joins the throng. And for everyone who has missed the crumpled Murray Whelan, Shane Maloney’s story lets us meet him again.

Honestly, I am incredibly thrilled to have my story, “Observations on a Tragedy (in Three Acts)”, keeping such amazing company!

Here’s a little taster of my story, set in Melbourne with a new accidental detective I hope to visit again soon in a novel:

Brady Templar’s death embodied his career to the last detail. Reflecting his body of work, this young actor at the threshold of greatness died in a way that was unexpected, out-of-the-ordinary, shockingly graceful and heartbreakingly vulnerable.

Too soon?

Too soon.

The blessing and the curse of a writer, and a theatre critic in particular, thought Tee, was the tendency to render real life into a more manageable narratives. Storifying Brady Templar as she sat beside his cooling body was infinitely easier than looking at his ruins and wondering how his mother and sister would feel once they knew.

“Observations on a Tragedy – Act One” by Narrelle M Harris

Dark Deeds Down Under is due for release on 26 June 2022 – and you can get a 10% discount on the paperback, hardback or ebook if you pre-order before then!

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