Cover Reveal: Clamour and Mischief, ed. Narrelle M Harris

I’m so pleased to reveal the glorious cover of the upcoming Clan Destine Press anthology, Clamour and Mischief – with 16 fabulous stories about corvids.

© altocello |

The cover artwork is by the fabulously talented Andrea L Farley (aka Altocello) with graphic design by Willsin Rowe.

The anthology itself is due out in around November, and contains stories by fledgling and emerging writers as well as several award winning authors! I’m confident you’re going to love it!

  • “Once upon a Midnight” by Raymond Gates
  • “All That Glitters” by GV Pearce
  • “Sleuthing for a Cause” by Eugen Bacon
  • “The Past is not a Present” by Geneve Flynn
  • “Watchers” by Alex Marchant
  • “The Song of Crows” by Jack Fennell
  • “Kūpara and Tekoteko” by Lee Murray
  • “Build Another Nest for Phantom Feathers” by RJK Lee
  • “Branwen and the Three Ravens” by Dannye Chase
  • “Seven for a Secret” by Narrelle M Harris
  • “The Girl and the Crow” by R.D. White
  • “The Jackdaw Maiden” by Katya de Becerra
  • “The Language of Birds” by Jason Franks
  • “Murder of Crows” by George Ivanoff
  • “The Devil’s Teeth” by Tamara M Bailey
  • “Quoth the Raven” by Gabiann Marin

The option to pre-order will be set up soon, so keep your eye on this site, Clan Destine Press, or on our respective Twitter handles, @daggyvamp and @clandestinepres for announcements.