Coming in 2021

Already I have several stories and some more music planned for this year. Here’s a little look at some upcoming projects!

  • Who Sleuthed It? (pre-order for March release)
  • The She-Wolf of Baker Street (currently on Patreon)
  • The Only One in the World (coming soon)
  • Root and Branch (coming soon)
  • More songs from the Duo Ex Machina song project

Who Sleuthed It?

Cover of Who Sleuthed It? of a bookshelf with animals perched on different shelves.

Due for release: March 2021

I’m delighted to have a short story in Clan Destine Press’ latest anthology about animals helping their animal friends – or their human sidekicks – solve a host of diabolical crimes and whimsical mysteries.

“Blood and Bone” is set in Melbourne in 1871, and sees wizard Lucius Kearney and his shape-changing rat wizard friend Magnus Sminth investigating a disappearance on behalf of a damsel who is in no particular need of rescuing.

Pre-order Who Sleuthed It? from Clan Destine Press

The She-Wolf of Baker Street

Currently being serialised on my Patreon

It began in late 2020, and continues into 2021: my new novel is being serialised on Patreon – The She-Wolf of Baker Street is a queer, modern, paranormal take on ACD’s classic characters. Werewolf Audrey Hudson takes on a tenant who may help her discover the mastermind behind the vicious murder of her pack.

Read it on my Patreon from as little as US$1/month
All new patrons get Scar Tissue and Other Stories as a welcome reward.

The Only One in the World

Due for release in early 2021

The Only One in the World is an anthology of Sherlock Holmes stories predicated on the notion of what Holmes and/or Watson would be like if they came from a completely different cultural background.

Writers with a particular cultural background or expert historical knowledge were invited to contribute, so readers can look forward to Holmeses and Watsons from many backgrounds.

Branch and Root

My story, ‘The Marbletree Wood’, will appear in Branch and Root from Shooting Star Press. It’s set in the Witches of Tyne universe, but a very long time after the events of those books.

The release has been delayed due to the pandemic (well, what hasn’t?) so stay tuned for details.


The Duo Ex Machina Song Project

Two songs have already been released in my project to produce songs from the Duo Ex Machina series in partnership with Joshua King of Golden Hour Studios.

Two songs have been released so far: Hymn/Him (from Kiss and Cry) featuring vocals by Loic Mamet, and High (from Number One Fan) featuring Jenni Powell of Riff Raiders on vocals..

You can listen to the Duo Ex Machina songs at:

Visit The Song Project to learn more.