Talbott and Burns Mysteries

More Talbott and Burns Mysteries

After a long break, Elliot Talbott and his boyfriend Jack Burns are coming back!

Their first two stories have been rewritten and six new stories added in a new, paranormal story arc-edited and given new names. Along with six new stories, they will all be published under one heading: The Talbott and Burns Mysteries.

No publishing details yet, but I’ll add them as soon as I know anything. In the meantime: the blurb.

Elliot Talbott and Jack Burns have been best friends since they were 15. They’ve been falling in love too, but too much experience of fear and rejection has kept them silent.

Not to mention Elliot’s big secret: when he touches people he flashes on their lives and their feelings. He’s already literally felt his father’s love die, once Mr Talbott realised his son was strange. Elliot can’t bear to lose Jack the same way.

But when Jack returns home after four unhappy years in the army, to find Elliot has gone missing during one of his impulsive schemes –  Talbott and Burns Investigations. Problems Solved – Pests Eliminated  – Mysteries Unravelled! – everything is about to change. They will admit their love, investigate apparently paranormal crimes, reveal Elliot’s powers and confront everything in their pasts that is holding them back.

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