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After a long break, Elliot Talbott and his boyfriend Jack Burns are coming back!

Their first two stories, Homecoming and A Paying Client have been re-edited and given new names. Along with six new stories, they will all be published under one heading: The Talbott and Burns Mysteries.

No ETA yet on a publishing date, though it’s likely to be in 2020. Stay tuned!


Jack Burns joined the army in the hope it would get his best friend out of his system. He’s been fighting wars for four years, and it didn’t work.

Jack leaves the army and returns to Melbourne, still secretly in love with Elliot Talbott – brilliant, mad, gorgeous Elliot – just as he’s been since they were fifteen. Elliot made it very clear, back then, that he wasn’t interested in dating anyone, boy or girl. He just wanted mad adventures with his best mate.

Jack’s okay with that. Really, he is. He’ll settle for being Elliot’s best mate and having home grown adventures in Elliot’s latest ridiculous scheme – Talbott and Burns Investigations. Problems Solved – Pests Eliminated  – Mysteries Unravelled!

And he’ll get right on with that – just as soon as he’s worked out why Elliot is missing, where he is and whether that last message means that Elliot and Jack have finally run out of time.


“Sweet and sexy story with lovely writing and some dangerous crime-solving as well! Both the leads are incredibly appealing: the steady protector Jack and the willowy and joke-cracking but secretly vulnerable Elliott. But the best part is what a good team they are, both in their investigations and in bed, and how much they care for and adore each other. Lots of fun.” – shadowfireflame, Smashwords

“The author truly excels at capturing the emotional components of intimacy along with the physical aspects. I can foresee many more adventures for these two with no danger of them becoming tired of each other or boring the reader. They have wit and charm enough to take them (and us!) through many more adventures.” – Lin S,Amazon.

Buy Homecoming (A Talbott & Burns Mystery) is now available at:

A Paying Client

Elliot and Jack’s investigation business gets their first paying customer. A suburban housewife wants to know if her daughter is a witch.

The answer isn’t rocket science.

Elliot at least understands the fundamentals of  rocket science. He knows slightly less about sex, but his long time love (but only new lover) Jack is giving him a thorough grounding in that too.

Now, if only they can keep their mouths shut, not walk into danger again, save the day, and actually get paid, they’ll be doing well.

The second adventure in the Talbott & Burns erotic/romantic mystery series is all about the love… and the mystery.

A Paying Client (A Talbott & Burns Mystery) is now available at:

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