Secret Agents, Secret Lives

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#1 Double Edged

Martine Dubois is a disgraced cop whose main sin was to trust a partner she should not have trusted. When spymaster Philip Marsden, who has a painful past of his own, recruits Martine as an agent, it’s her chance to find redemption, and a chance for both of them to find love – unless duty kills them first.


“A tightly-paced action story, with bold characters and a good mix of drama and erotica. Great read, recommended to all.”

– Zuriva, Amazon

“A well-written short, explicit romance about a secret agent and her boss. I very much enjoyed the unfolding story as Martine and Philip carefully yet confidently drew closer together. Both characters are intriguing, competent and creative – I hope this isn’t the last we see of them!”

– Julie Bozza, Manifold Press

#2 Expendable

Agent Martine and her spymaster lover, Philip Marsden, are back in action and on the trail of international bad guy Bartos Rigo. Will they have to compromise their love or their honour to get the job done?


“NM Harris has produced a cool story combining two of my favourite things: spy fiction and erotica. Highly recommended for women and men.”

– Terry, Amazon.

“An exciting sequel, featuring terrific set pieces in the bedroom and out on the job, along with an interesting thread considering the conflicting demands of love and honour. Nicely done! And I’m looking forward to more. 

– Julie Bozza, Manifold Press

#3 Wilderness

In the third Secret Agents, Secret Lives sexy spy adventure, a mission to extradite Thomas Reilly, a dangerous criminal, ends in treachery and a crash landing in the Canadian wilderness for Agent Martine Dubois. Grizzly bears are the least of Martine’s problems as she and Reilly hunt each other through British Columbia’s Great Bear Forest.

Whatever the outcome, Martine is determined to survive and return to Phillip Marsden: top spy, the Grey Ghost, her boss who is also her lover.


…a fun, if slightly stressful at moments, adventure story with a decent side serving of erotic romance.

Brianna, Goodreads.

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