Scar Tissue and Other Stories (coming 2019)

I will be publishing my new short story collection, Scar Tissue and Other Stories, in collaboration with Clan Destine Press.

Willsin Rowe has created a new cover (right) which is suitable for a print version of the book. The book is scheduled to be laid out and prepared, hopefully by the end of the year.

In the meantime, my Patreon supporters have access to a Patreon-only edition, which will remain available to existing and new supporters until 31 December 2018.

Stories include a canon-era Holmes♥Watson werewolf adventure, a new story about Melbourne vampire Gary Hooper and his friend Lissa Wilson, seen through someone else’s eyes, a Ravenfall short story and several new Lost and Found flash fictions.

The full table of contents is:

  • Scar Tissue
  • Lost and Found: Changeling
  • Hoorfrost (a Kitty and Cadaver short story)
  • Lost and Found: The Solo Rapture
  • Lost and Found: Wanderlust
  • Words Fail (poem)
  • Lost and Found: Plot Bunny
  • Faithful (Holmes♥Watson/werewolf)
  • Lost and Found: Peaceful
  • Lost and Found: Journey
  • Bad Night at Bite Club (a Vampires of Melbourne story)
  • Lost and Found: Horehound and Flour
  • The Path (poem)
  • Lost and Found: Bouquet
  • The   Beekeeper’s Children (an Adventure of the Colonial Boy/Holmes♥Watson story)
  • Lost and Found: Practice Makes Perfect
  • Shadow at my Shoulder  (a Ravenfall short story)
  • Lost and Found : Long Live the King
  • A Song for Hell
  • The Xmas Card Mystery (a traditional Holmes + Watson story)
  • Death’s Door
  • Constant  (poem)

The collection has been created with the support of my Patreon mini-Medicis, and was provided to them as a thank you gift.

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