Theatre Review: Petrasexual

Petrasexual Chair cigar promo picPetra Elliott (Splendid Chaps and the upcoming Night Terrace) starts her show with a bang… or rather, a jiggle.

Stripping down and then dressing up behind a shimmery curtain of a curtain of glittery gold strips, we see tantalising glimpses of body as she sings about consent in no uncertain terms: “If there’s no yes, it’s no”.

And then she sings about boobs because, as she says herself, Petra Elliott is an intelligent, classy woman who likes to say ‘fuck’ a lot.

During the show, Petra explores her own path from being sexually adventurous yet lacking in self-confidence to the owning-my-kinks woman of sass we see today. She tells stories and sings in her powerful, emotive voice that range from the snarky and wry In These Shoes (a Kirsty McColl favourite of mine) to a kind of rhythmic tone poem to C-U-N-T, to the spot-on spoof of a Disney Princess song – and rounds off with a properly filthy song.

Along the way, she gives us a female version of the expression ‘hard on’ that is perfect.

Elliott occasionally talks about the political side of sex, including equality and equal marriage, but a lot of the content is a mix of her personal growth and an excuse for a range of naughty songs. She’s a confident performer too, making the most of the tiny space (and that includes draping herself all over the upright piano). She’s ably supported by Adam Rudegeair on piano and Oscar Neyland on the bass.

Two more performances are scheduled for April 2014 on the remaining Fridays of the month. Hurry along to see her! And if you miss it, let’s hope our saucy gal restages the show soon.

Petrasexual is on at KaDo, 32 Cremorne Street, Richmond. The next two performances are on Friday 18th April and Friday 25th April at 8pm. Tickets from $25.


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