Reviews: The Adventure of the Colonial Boy


“I admit to being wary about whether [Harris] could really, truly pull off a romance for Holmes and Watson. I am convinced. She more than pulled it off. She nailed it. And now I’m swept headlong into a vision of Holmes and Watson, forever changed.” – CoachJanette,

“I bought the ebook because I couldn’t wait – and ended up reading it in one day.”– Denise, Goodreads.

“The biggest problem with this story is my inability to put the darn thing down. Needless to say it was read in one sitting.” – cemm,

“This was a romping good read, and absolute page turner that I couldn’t put down.” – Sally Koetsveld, Goodreads.

“Spot on capture of the time-tested Holmes and Watson chemistry: razor-sharp wit, breath-taking revelations, shared victory in defeating clever criminals, and the deepest friendship and love.” – ckm,

“I particularly loved the author’s take on the original stories and characters, the adventerous plot, and the exploration of the relationship between Holmes and Watson.” – HJS,