News and reviews: “The Only One in the World”

Snapshot from Good Reading Magazine

Over the last few months I’ve been chatting all over the place about The Only One in the World – and I’m utterly delighted and proud of the work of its contributors, and mine in pulling the book together, and of Clan Destine Press for taking on the pitch and guiding its literary birth!

CDP’s fabulous publicist, Carmel Shute, was instrumental in co-ordinating radio interviews, library zoom talks, and review copies winging across the country and the world.

I wanted to share some of the chats and reviews in case you wanted to hear me, and some of the other authors, talking happily about the book, the stories, our inspirations and what Sherlock Holmes and John Watson mean to us.

My favourite review to date was by The Weekend Australian, which called our lovely little book “smart, entertaining and fresh”.

Other lovely reviews include this one from Arts Hub, who called the book “sheer, unadulterated fun” and this from Tasmanian Bibliophile, who also gives a shout out to the book’s artists, Judith Rossell (cover) and Andrea L. Farley (internal art).

Many of the radio interviews I’ve done over the last few months are no longer available, but here’s a great chat I had on ABC Overnights with Trevor Chappell (getting up at Oh God o’clock in the morning – around 4am to do so). Profiling the world’s only consulting detective Sherlock Holmes.

If anyone gets Good Reading Magazine, I wrote an article about my love for Sherlock Holmes and elements of the book, which featured some great photos and our stunning Judith Rossell cover.

The most recent zoom talk was with Geelong Regional Libraries, where Lucy Sussex and I discussed Lucy’s story, “Mistress Islet and the General’s Son”, the concept of what makes Holmes Holmes, even when Holmes is female, Russian, a medieval Viking or an AI.

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