Heart Beat #5: Kissing Strangers

This video is doing the rounds on Facebook and Twitter (and no doubt other platforms I don’t have the time to use!)

Film studio WREN made a three and a half minute film of first kisses. For each couple, this is the very first time they’ve met. They don’t know each other’s name, let alone anything personal. There is no basis for a relationship, no impetus to kiss, other than someone asked them to and that they agreed.

What results is three and a half minutes of awkwardness and embarrassment, almost painful vulnerability, but a willingness to try, and to trust – not only one’s sudden kissing partner, but the camera.

What results is strange and delightful; vulnerable and sweet; passionate and sexy; romantic and filled with hope. These are moments of connection, and many are still terribly awkward after the fact – but at least everyone can feel awkward together.

Next time I’m writing a first kiss, I might look at this again, for tips on how to describe body language.

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