Lockdown Fiction: A Box for Wishes

A Box for Wishes - a poem prompted by Improbable Press's prompt blog!

The latest Improbable Press prompt had me thinking in rhyming couplets. It might be a little pat at the ending, but I enjoyed the challenge.

Don’t forget to take a look at the IP Blog and try some of their writing prompts yourself!

A Box for Wishes

I have a box for wishes
And every day it fills
I wish for better luck
And I wished for better skills
I wish to curse an enemy
And wish to bless a friend
I wish for happy endings
And I wish that things won’t end

I have a box for wishes
Full of envy-laden sighs
I wish I wrote like Shakespeare
I wish that I could fly 
I wish to be a mermaid
And I wish to be an elf
I wish to be a warrior
And I wish to be myself

I have a box for wishes
And every night it clears
It’s empty in the morning
Free to fill with all my fears
I wish to find a balance
And wish to make a win
I wish that I was good enough
Or forgiven for my sins

I have a box for wishes
And wish instead of do
I need to give up wishing
And create my world anew
So from today I practise
And build experience and skill
Today I give up wishing
And instead of wish, I will.