The Truth About Brains

My short zombie story, The Truth About Brains, is now available!! It was published in the Canadian zombie anthology, Best New Zombie Tales (volume 2), edited by James Roy Daley. This is the story that begins: “My little brother Dylan is dead, but that doesn’t stop him from being a pest. He still follows me everywhere, and Mum still makes […]

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GaryView: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Book 1- Eighth Grade Bites by Heather Brewer

Lissa: Vladimir Tod reminds me of you! Gary: A friendless, nerdy kid who’s beaten up by bullies and is clueless with girls? Lissa: No! Dope. I mean a kid trying to find out the rules of vampirism who watches a lot of vampire films and doesn’t eat people. Gary: Oh. Lissa: And you’re not friendless. Gary: I have one friend. […]

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A few tweaks were made to my iPhone app, Melbourne Literary – and now it’s all formatted for the iPad as well! There are some screenshots of how it looks in that format in the app store, and it’s making me covet new tech! If any of you have bought the app, either for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, it […]

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