to the works of Narrelle M Harris! What’s your reading pleasure?

Queer and straight romance, often combined with crime and fantasy.

Fantasy adventures, with or without romance

Horror, SF, Fantasy and Crime!
Crime (including traditional Holmes + Watson), SF, fantasy and horror short stories.

My inspirations are eclectic: crime, adventure, fantasy, horror and romance – separately or combined. My inspirations are also themes of family, growth and redemption. Whether you’re reading:

  • a vampire adventure in modern Melbourne
  • Sherlock Holmes and John Watson falling in love across time
  • a racy lesbian romance in the Middle East
  • two flightless people discovering each other in a world of wings
  • a rock band that fights monsters with magical music
  • a queer paranormal thriller set in the heart of London

you’ll find humour, heart, friendships and love.

Words are like oxygen