The Wolf House returns!

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Mary Borsellino’s work. Her last book, The Devil’s Mixtape, was one of my favourite books last year (along with The Hunger Games).

The publisher of Mixtape, Omnium Gatherum, has had the great good sense to take Mary’s previous work, The Wolf House series, and republish them.

The Wolf House books are vampire novels, but they are also about rock music, love, compassion, betrayal, revenge, being afraid and being hopeful. More, too, because Mary Borsellino has grand, passionate, intelligent ideas about humanity and love. Her themes are always complex and deep.

There are five books in total in the series, and Omnium has released the first two so far: Origins and Overtures and Roads and Crosses. Both books are available in both paperback and as ebooks for Kindle.

If you love vampire fiction, Australian authors, strong and imaginative writing, fresh and brain-buzzing approaches to the mythology, and deft, sharp characterisatio (or any combination thereof) you should definitely pick up The Wolf House!