A few wishes for the new year

If you are one of those people for whom books repurposed as art gives you hives, look away now.

For the rest of us, here are some instructions onhow to turn a damaged or unwanted paperback into a little Xmas tree.

Which brings me to the season: and whether it is hot or cold where you reside, whether you celebrate Xmas as a Christian, on your own terms or not at all, I hope the end of 2012 is going smoothly for you, and that 2013 promises good things to you and yours.

If your year was rough, may there be smoother times ahead.

If your year was full of brilliance, may you count your blessings.

May you find ways to express your creativity, whatever they are, and even if you think you’re no good at it. Nobody ever got better at their passion by refusing to practise because it wasn’t perfect the first time.

May you be kind to those who need kindness, even if they don’t necessarily deserve it, and may the world in turn be kind to you. Certainly, may you be kind to yourself. We so often are harsher on ourselves than others would be, and that’s not healthy or productive.

May you learn more about yourself so that you can understand what will bring you contentment, fulfillment and satisfation, and then find ways to do those things instead of the things that make you frustrated and sad.

May the coming year bring you growth, surprises, enough challenge to be good for you and enough rest to keep you well.

See you in 2013!