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I usually write for a living in the business field, but I’ve also written non-fiction for publication!

Cold Blood

Cold Blood

Cold Blood was originally released as Outside the Law #3. It was the third collection of true crime essays edited by Lindy Cameron and was published by Five Mile Press.

This edition features renowned crime fiction and true crime writers like Robin Bowles, John Allin and Jacqui Horwood.

My essay, The CSI Effect, about the impact of forensic TV on our juries, was researched through discussions with legal and medical professionals.

The launch was covered by the Walkley magazine.


“…one minute you are frivolously enjoying stories of gangsters, happily cocooned in all the pop-culture resonances, but the next chapter throws at you something so obscene that you wonder if you want to keep reading…. the quality of the writing… is high.” Owen Richardson, The Age, 15 August 2009

“Expect to be moved to tears of sadness… that some of these monsters are never caught. But also expect to feel pride and admiration for trhe men and women who work so hard to try to obtain justice…” Phyllis King, Stilletto Winter 2009 (Official magazine of Sisters In Crime Australia Inc)

“Fascinating but not for the faint-hearted. Verdict: juicy.” Herald Sun, 19 September 2009

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