The Opposite of Life: A Patreon reprise

Draft cover for the new edition of The Opposite of Life. It’ll probably look nothing like this.

After I completed the serialisation of The She-Wolf of Baker Street on my Patreon, I came to an important realisation. Being super busy with multiple projects in 2022 meant I could not write a brand new novel to serialise there AT THE SAME TIME as everything else.

So, as I mentioned in early February, I’m bringing back my otherwise out of print Melbourne vampire novel, The Opposite of Life!

If you’ve never read this vampire novel set in contemporary Melbourne, it’s about Lissa, a librarian who is having a pretty rough time of her whole life, and Gary, the exceptionally uncool vampire she meets when she tries to find out who is murdering people around Melbourne. The impossible is obvious – surely vampires are killing these people? But Gary is investigating on behalf of the vampire community to find out who’s behind it. In the 21st century, the local fang gang can really do without the hassle of a police investigation.

A few review quotes, to whet your appetite:

This is a very rich text, in its atmosphere, its ingenious recasting of vampire myth, and its social and personal themes.

Kayla Lee Ward, Tabula Rasa

The Opposite of Life is a different sort of Urban Fantasy, and definitely an out-of-the-ordinary vampire tale. Maybe that’s why I like it so much.

The Literate Kitty

I gave up on vampire fiction long ago, but I think Ms Harris has restored my faith in the genre.

The Novelettes Book Reviews

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