Tea for the Undead

Reichenbach Recovery blend art

I first discovered the delights of US tea experts, Adagio, ten years ago through the Sherlock Fandom. Adagio produces some wonderful blends, including herbal infusions, and bless them, they also have a whole section of ‘Fandom blends’ designed by aficionados of both tea and their favourite media (books, films, TV shows, music).

The timing was right for what has become my Comfort Tea of Choice – Reichenbach Recovery. I’ve recently bought a 5oz tin of delicate Earl Grey Bravo blend with orange, bergamot, blue cornflowers and caramel and hazelnut. It smells divine! Their Dr Who-inspired TARDIS blend has a similar base but with vanilla and blackberry notes. Mmmmmmmm.

Recently, I’ve enjoyed blends inspired by Good Omens, River Song, Halloween and some other Sherlock Holmes blends.

And then I discovered how to make my own blends!

So you bet your dear little teapot cosy that this is exactly what I did!

Behold: the Vampires of Melbourne blend! Inspired by my books The Opposite of Life and Walking Shadows, vampire novels set in contemporary Melbourne.

A tin of tea!

I created it then bought the sample tin to see if I actually enjoyed the flavour, given I’d chosen the blends based on what I thought made great vampire motifs: Earl Grey Moonlight (an Early Grey infused with Vanilla & Creme flavours) with hazelnut, blood orange and ginger accents.

The teas of the Vampires of Melbourne blend

On Adagio, I describe it thus:

A tea to delight the vampires of Melbourne – Earl Grey Moonlight for the vibe. Blood Orange for the tang. Hazelnut for the body. Ginger for the bite.

I made a little pot of tea for two, because Tim was to be my control, in case I was biased in favour of my own creation.

We steeped the tea for 3 minutes and sipped it black.


My people.

It was lovely.

It felt like a tea that a Melbourne vampire could love. A Melbourne hipster too. The mellowness of an Earl Grey with that gentle, nutty aroma of the hazelnut, an underlying, deep subtle citrus (faintly sweeter than lemon, and a tad more intense) and, at the end, a wee spicy zing of ginger.

So – there you have it!


My tea!

If that sounds appealing to you at all, you can check it out at Adagio’s signature blends as ‘Vampires of Melbourne’. You can get the adorable little sample tin if you want to just try it out – and then you get a sweet little tin when you’re done! I’ve chosen to donate 5% of any sales to The Trevor Project, too

Postage to Australia is around US$20 so I usually buy several different teas (in different sizes!) to get good value. Adagio often also offers free samples. And it’s just heaps of fun to have a look at all the fandom blends! (I have such a wish list!!)

I’m so delighted by this experience that I’m wondering what blend I might attempt next. Something inspired by Kitty and Cadaver and the music project, maybe!

(You know, I’ve only just now noticed how apt this blog title is, not only for a vampire-inspired tea but for the Reichenbach Recovery blend. Oh, Sherlock Holmes, you’re a caution.)

Leave a comment and let me know what you think should be in it? Or what else I should try next!