Quintette of Questions: Hugh McGinlay

Quintette asks writers five quick questions. This week’s interview is with:

Hugh McGinlay

1. What’s the name of your latest book – and how hard was it to pick a title?

Bodysurfing. For years the manuscript was called Nightswimming, I’m a huge REM fan and when I started writing a coastal thriller it just seemed right. Then I found out there were several books called Nightswimming, so I meditated on something that sounds both beach going and murderous.

2. Which of your characters do you want to have your back in a fight?

Boris will lie down for you in traffic, he’s tough and quick, but I’d have to say Britt. Boris will give you heroic failure and some great stories, Britt will just go for the throat and you’ll be sure to walk away.

3. Which one would you pull a heist with?

Britt would never pull a heist, but she’s the only one who would get away with it. Catherine will give you the most laughs though, in and out of prison.

4. In your dream film of the book, which one actor would you like to cast, and in which role?

I think Aubrey Plaza as Catherine would be delicious if she could nail the Aussie accent. For Australian actors I would say the delightful woman in the trivago ads (I don’t watch much TV, sorry all).

5. What should be your book’s theme song?

Catherine’s theme song has always been Don’t make me a target by Spoon. I often put it on when I’m stuck. There’s also any jazz by Brenton Foster seems to get the stories going. I recommend him to all writers (or non-writers).

About Bodysurfing

Milliner sleuth Catherine Kint and her friends on a coastal rollick of mystery and hot chips. Political intrigue, seahorse poaching and poor life choices all included.

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Buy the first two books in the series, Jinx and Pachyderm.

About Hugh McGinley

Hugh McGinlay is a writer of offbeat fiction, songwriter and singer. These poor life choices have also seen him do several day jobs and release three books, four albums and regular opinions on the state of Australian Politics.

His series – the Catherine Kint Mysteries – are based on the life of Catherine Kint, milliner, raconteur and hedonist. Now in it’s third story, Catherine and her friends, Boris (barman and muscle), Britt (homicide detective) and Andy (voice of reson and frog enthusiast) all life in Hugh’s head and keep him company through the long long day.

Hugh is amazed at how his imaginary friends have become so popular.

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