New! Duo Ex Machina: Kiss and Cry

My first new release for 2020 is the fourth novella in my Duo Ex Machina series, Kiss and Cry. Now that it has finished being serialised on my Patreon, the book is available to the general public!

Set in 2014, Kiss and Cry sees musicians and life partners Frank Capriano and Milo Bertolone facing new challenges. Milo is taking part in a celebrity ice dancing show for charity; Frank is a busy music producer. They’re both working too hard and losing touch with the love that has kept them strong for so long. At the same time, some odd things are going on with other participants in Icing It! What new and unlooked-for danger threatens them now, and is it worse than the miserable estrangement they’re going through?

Get Kiss and Cry:

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