Introducing: Narrelle Harris Writing Services

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I’ve been offering writing services – including talks and workshops, editing and proofreading, manuscript assessment and mentoring – for a few years now. With the changing work landscape I’ve decided to formalise all the different services I can provide in a new business.

Narrelle Harris Writing Services

Even if you’re not in the market for an editor or mentor, I’ll be blogging regularly at the site about writing matters, from grammar issues to dealing with the business of writing. Recent posts include:

Cover of Wording: Guidelines on the art and tools of fiction.

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You can also sign up at the site or right here for the quarterly Notes in the Margins newsletter – and as a thank you, you get a free copy of Wording: a compilation of some of my essays on writing, editing, research and getting published. It also includes some step-by-step guides on using research tools like Evernote and My Google Maps.

So pop on over to Larking and see if anything there can help to spark your writing – and please leave a comment here or at Larking if there’s a topic you’d like me to cover!

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