Gary and Lissa are talking to each other on Twitter again

LissaWilson83 @garyhooper44 If this was based on you, what would it smell like?

GaryHooper44 @LissaWilson83 You can be weird sometimes. Um. Maybe… craft glue? I’m making models today. And Old Spice?

LissaWilson83 @GaryHooper44 Why Old Spice? That’s an aftershave isn’t it? You don’t shave do you?

GaryHooper44 @LissaWilson83 No. Hair doesn’t grow now I’m undead. But I used to use Old Spice. Still put it on sometimes. When I smell of craft glue.

LissaWilson83 @GaryHooper44 I’ll get you something decent for Christmas, okay? Then you can smell like Armani or something.

GaryHooper44 @LissaWilson83 As long as it doesn’t smell like craft glue. That would be good.