Everyone has a first time

Fly By NightIf you haven’t yet tried e-books, perhaps July 2011 can be your first time! Smashwords is having a sale, and you can get a whole heap of e-books at discounted prices, including my four e-books!

With 50% off the price, Fly By Night and Sacrifice are both $1.50 and Witch Honour and Witch Faith are only $3.50. You can download the books in any one of ten formats. Some formats are compatile with e-readers like Kindle and Kobo, or on the various e-reader programs that work on smartphones or regular computers, as well as PDF, RTF, plain docs and even HTML.

So go on, give it a whirl!

And if you’ve already read one or more of the stories, feel free to leave a review on the site. This writer sure would appreciate it.