Bullying – how not to put up with it

Karen Healey, the author of the most excellent Guardian of the Dead, has posted recently about her experiences of bullying, and what we as individuals can do about it. I found it a moving piece, which reflected some of my own experiences as well.

Karen’s blog is always interesting, often funny, sometimes moving, always smart. You should read her blog, and her books, anyway. But this blog especially – if you’ve ever been bullied, if you’ve never been bullied but you’ve seen it, if you’re a parent or a teacher or a sibling or just an interested bystander. Maybe we can all take her excellent advice and make the world a little kinder and a little stronger.

Competition 8: The (untrue) origins of Halloween

Best New Zombie Tales vol 2Halloween draws nigh. So do copies of Best New Zombie Tales Vol 2 containing my story The Truth About Brains.

In honour of these two events I have a copy of Best New Zombie Tales Vol 2 to give away as first prize! Other prizes may follow, depending on the number of entries. One entry per person!

The comp? Invent a history of Halloween for me! Long or short, it doesn’t matter. Post your answers here, at my Facebook page (under Discussions) or send them by email to narrelle (at) iwriter.com.au. Entries close November 3rd 2010!

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