Romantic Melbourne: Lovelocks and Jimmy Grants

IMG_5342Some of you may have read that the massive number of lovelocks on Paris’s Pont des Arts have actually damaged the bridge. The weight of love has certainly concerned the Melbourne City Council with Melburnians starting to commemorate their love on the Yarra Bridge in the same way.

If you’re looking for a sanctioned location to lock your love to a fence, the Emporium outlet of posh souvlaki joint, Jimmy Grants, is getting on board the love train.

It’s as simple a buying a padlock, writing your name and that of your One True Love thereon and padlocking it to the little fence at the Jimmy Grants souvlaki stall on the third floor of Melbourne’s biggest and flashest mall.

IMG_5337(I can also recommend the excellent souvlakis – George Calombaris, who is behind the upmarket deliciousness, knows what he’s about, even – or perhaps especially – with Greek street food!)

The day I noticed the lovelock fence, I spoke with one of the staff who said she hoped a lot more locks would be added. I’d been past the outlet several time, but due to the crowds hadn’t noticed the set-up.

Perhaps with this little heads-up, though, more Melburnians (and visitors to our fair city) will drop by.

(Personally, I’m very tempted to add some lovelock for fictional couples. ‘Lizzie <3 Darcy 4-eva’, anyone? Or if you want to stir the pot, ‘Sherlock has a chemical defect for John.’ )

Do you know of a romantic Melbourne experience? Let me know and I will selflessly explore it. SELFLESSLY.

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