The Neighbours of Night Terrace: Tansy Rayner Roberts

The Kickstarter for the third season of the brilliant radio SF comedy, Night Terrace, is entering its final third. In celebration, I’m interviewing a number of people involved with the previous two seasons and the current series!

Today it’s:

Tansy Rayner Roberts

who is a guest writer on the bonus audiobook for the Season 3 Kickstarter (in the Digital Stories reward level and above)

How did you get involved in Night Terrace?

When Ben McKenzie asked me to write a tie-in story for the Kickstarter, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Why did you get involved?

It’s a fantastic, unique Australian show with an awesome creative team behind it. Why wouldn’t I want to write for those characters?

What do you love about the show?

I really appreciate how it grew out of Doctor Who fandom – you can see how so many of the creative choices are in dialogue with some aspect of Doctor Who history, tradition (or responds to areas that Doctor Who has fallen down on). But also it’s very much it’s own thing, as well. I adore audio science fiction, going back to Hitchhiker’s Guide, Earthsearch and the Foundation series which I first discovered on ABC Radio.

What’s your favourite line/quote from NT?

“Have you seen the cows?”

What’s the best feedback you’ve had about the series?

I haven’t had much yet because only Ben and John have read my story! But they liked it a lot, so I’ll take that. My story is very Eddie-centric, so submitting it to Ben was a bit nerve-wracking! If he thinks I got the voice right, I must be doing OK.

What key skill would you bring if you ended up travelling in time and space with the crew?

I have a good memory for weird history and celebrity trivia, and I feel that would come in super handy if the scriptwriters were kind to me. I’m also very good at drinking cups of tea made by other people.

Would you like to travel in time and space with Anastasia, Eddie and Sue?

Hard no! If I was going to travel in time and space I’d prefer it in a house than anything else, but I’m quite content on this planet, thank you very much. I’d happily have the gang over to my place to chat about their chaotic adventures, though.


Yeah, no, if I’m travelling in time and space I want an itinerary, and a reliable source of transport. Sorry, Night Terrace! I only want to admire you from afar.

Would you like to be part of the next season of Night Terrace? Zip over to Kickstarter to listen to the very first episode, and pick your pledge level!