The Neighbours of Night Terrace: Lee Zachariah

The Kickstarter for the third season of the brilliant radio SF comedy, Night Terrace, is entering its final third. In celebration, I’m interviewing a number of people involved with the previous two seasons and the current series!

Today it’s:

Lee Zachariah

who is a Night Terrace writer and infrequent email replier for Night Terrace Season 1, Season 2 and the current Season 3 Kickstarter.

How did you get involved in Night Terrace?

John, Ben, Petra and David wanted to capitalise on the roaring success of Splendid Chaps, and create an audio science fiction series. They asked me to come along and help create it, which was pretty flattering.

Why did you get involved?

Writing an audio comedy science fiction series with your friends, featuring many of Australia’s best actors and comedians, and everybody gets paid? Why wouldn’t I get involved?

What do you love about the show?

So many things. I love the mythology it’s built up, even if I find it tricky to keep track of sometimes and end up having to text John when I forget a back story or key piece of continuity. But being able to put a comedic twist on classic science fiction tropes is a heap of fun, and I think the show provides the perfect structure in which to do that.

What’s your favourite line/quote from NT?

Right at this moment, purely by virtue of it being the line I’ve thought most about the past few weeks, is a line from the beginning of one of my season three episodes. And it’s not from any of the main characters, either. I probably shouldn’t pick one of my own bits, but teasing the next season feels like a savvy use of this answer.

What’s the best feedback you’ve had about the series?

A friend of mine described in great detail an embarrassing outburst of laughter on public transport at a joke in the first season. The purity of that reaction can’t really be beat, although certified famous person Neil Gaiman praising us on Twitter comes awfully close.

What key skill would you bring if you ended up travelling in time and space with the crew?

Being killed off early, thus increasing the odds of everyone else making it out alive

Would you like to travel in time and space with Anastasia, Eddie and Sue?



Hm. When you put it that way…

Today, 15 November, the Kickstarter has cracked the $18,000 mark. Can we kick it up to $19K today?

Be part of the next season of Night Terrace! Zip over to Kickstarter to listen to the very first episode, and pick your pledge level!