Quintette of Questions: Susanne Bellamy (2)

Quintette asks writers five quick questions. This week’s interview is once more with:

Susanne Bellamy

0115 -Emerald Quest1.     What’s the name of your latest story – and how hard was it to pick a title?

Winning the Heiress’ Heart (Book 3 in The Emerald Quest). This one was really hard! The other authors in the series all had certain types of male characters that worked in their titles (pirate, soldier, bodyguard) but mine didn’t. Hero, Luc, is a planter/plantation owner. Eventually, I realized mine was actually about the ‘heiress’ who crashed into Luc’s world and voila! – my title was born!

2.     If you could choose anyone from any time period, who would you cast as the leads in your latest story?

LOL! My Pinterest board for this book is revealing! Taylor Kitsch and Drew Barrymore, although I found a gorgeous pic of Audrey Hepburn that tempted me! And Eva’s nephew, Seb, would be a young James Dean!

3.     What five words best describe your story?

Sensuous, dangerous, with-nods-to-great Hollywood moments!

4.     Who is your favourite fictional couple?

Sandra Bullock and: Ryan Reynolds (The Proposal), or Keanu Reeves (The Lake House)

5.     What song always makes you cry?

Etta James’ At Last – for me, this is where I want all my Happily Ever Afters to reach.

About Winning the Heiress’ Heart

Eva Abbott sells her inheritance in England, Bellerose Manor, to provide for the care of her nephew. She buys a pineapple plantation in Hawaii but discovers her neighbour, Luc Martineau, will do anything to take it from her.

When Eva discovers a diary, which may solve their financial problems, villains follow her to Hawaii and attempt to force her to reveal the whereabouts of the heirloom emerald necklace.

Is Luc an ally or an enemy? Is he after Eva or her land?

About Susanne Bellamy

2011 - headshots2Susanne is an Australian author of contemporary and suspense romances set in exciting and often exotic locations, and several novellas. She is published with Escape Publishing, Emerald Romance, and will have her first release with Entangled Publishing in 2015.

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