Quintette of Questions: Robyn Rychards

Quintette asks writers five quick questions. This week’s interview is with Robyn Rychards!

Robyn Rychards

9780857991386_14001.   What’s the name of your latest book – and how hard was it to pick a title?

My latest book  is called Her Knight in Shining Armour. I was targeting Harlequin Romance with this story and so the title wasn’t very hard to come up with, as I mimicked the type of titles they use.  I kind of expected it to be changed when I ended up subbing it elsewhere, but as it’s published by Harlequin’s Escape Publishing, the title still worked.

2.     If you could choose anyone from any time period, who would you cast as the leads in your latest book?

This is kind of a hard question for me because my characters are totally in my head and I don’t really associate them with real people.  Which may be why Ariel from The Little Mermaid comes to mind for Paisley!  As for Sterling… Well, he definitely isn’t Prince Eric.  I’m going to have to say he’s a cross between The Beast, in Beauty and the Beast and Logan Thibault (Zac Efron) in The Lucky One.

Now, Sterling is drop dead gorgeous, so how could he be like The Beast?  Because his attitude about his looks when he was young changed him into something completely different, just like The Beast, and all he needs is the right woman to release the real man.  Other than that, he’s Logan Thibault.  Or Zac Efron.  Though if you check my website, you’ll see that I have Emma Stone and Matt Bomer as inspiration for Paisley and Sterling.  Which works perfectly for me!

3.     What five words best describe your story?

Five words?  It took me over 54,000 when I wrote it… 😀  I’d have to say, Emotional, Spicy, Tense, Romantic (of course!) and Fun.  Hope everyone who reads it thinks the same thing.

4.     Who is your favourite fictional couple?

Well, I’ve been struggling with this one but even though it dates me, I’m going to have to say David and Maddie, Bruce Willis’ and Cybill Shepherd’s characters from Moonlighting.  The scene where they finally get together is still in my head.  And um… it may have inspired a scene in Her Knight in Shining Armour.  No comment.

5.     What song always makes you cry?

Hmm… a song that makes me cry, huh?  Eric Clapton’s Tears in Heaven.   Don’t you make me cry now by playing it…

(Why, yes, Robyn, I think I will…)

(Lee Christine also chose this song. So here is a different version of it for your teary enjoyment.)

About Robyn:

_MG_8745Robyn Rychards grew up in the granola bowl of the United States, Boulder Colorado, a town filled with fruits, flakes and nuts. She considers herself a Jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none and has taught herself to sew, paint, play the piano, garden, cook, the list goes on. But now that her books are published, she’s thrilled to finally be considered a master of one. At least as much as a person can be, for the learning never really stops.

She feels her active imagination is a blessing and a curse, with the blessing far outweighing the curse since it has led her to fulfil her dream of writing for Harlequin. Robyn started writing stories when she was a teenager because she didn’t have enough books to read. Sometimes she finds it hard to believe that people are willing to pay her to do something she enjoys so much, but mostly she’s happy to have such a wonderful excuse not to cook and clean. And a job that means you can stay in your jammies as long as you want? Priceless.

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