Quintette of Questions: Julie Bozza

Quintette asks writers five quick questions. This week’s interview is with:

Julie Bozza

1. What’s the name of your latest book – and how hard was it to pick a title?

Writ in Blood. The title has been that for as long as I remember, so I guess it must have been easy to choose! I’m riffing off the poet John Keats’ self-chosen epitaph: “Here lies one whose name was writ in water.”

Back when I first started this novel, I only knew the legendary Johnny Ringo, and I assumed his epitaph was written in the blood of others. As I came to know more about the man himself, I decided it was more likely written in his own blood. The title remained as it was regardless

2. If you could choose anyone from any time period, who would you cast as the leads in your latest book?

That’s kind of tricky to answer because the three main characters are based on real people (John Ringo, Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp) and I was inspired by the film Tombstone, which had a superb cast (Michael Biehn, Val Kilmer, Kurt Russell). To add a third set of names seems a tad redundant!

On the other hand, the script of Tombstone and writer-director Kevin Jarre’s vision for it, were amazing! It was such a great film… but I am haunted by the thought that it could have been even better. The notion of a remake that would return to the original script is just so enticing… But who to cast? It’s tempting to go for Kurt’s son Wyatt Russell for Wyatt Earp. Then wouldn’t Ben Whishaw do a marvellous job as Doc Holliday? And… oh… this is tough… but let’s go for the best: Oscar Isaac for John Ringo

3. What five words best describe your story?

Historic. Hauntings. Hungers. Heroes. Hope

4. Who is your favourite fictional team/couple?

A different bunch of cowboys: Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers

5. What song reflects a theme, character, relationship or scene in your book?

“Buena” by Morphine. Anachronistic, of course, but it’s Johnny Ringo’s song.

About Writ in Blood

Courage. Honor. Loyalty. All fine things, but they’ve led John Ringo to kill a man. He was raised right and he knows he’s not a murderer, but otherwise he’s a mystery even to himself. Doc Holliday claims to have some insights, but Doc is too devoted to Wyatt Earp to spare much attention for the man who’s already lost his soul. Which leaves Johnny Ringo prey to the distractions of a demon. Imaginary or not, if this creature abandons him, too, then surely his sanity is forfeit – and what will his life be worth then?

This Queer Weird West novel follows these three along the complex trails that lead into and out of Tombstone, Arizona in 1881

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About Julie Bozza

Julie Bozza is an Aussie-Anglo hybrid empowered by writing, fuelled by espresso, calmed by knitting, overexcited by photography, and madly in love with Amy Adams and John Keats.

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