Quintette of Questions: Elizabeth Ellen Carter

Quintette asks writers five quick questions. This week’s interview is with Elizabeth Ellen Carter!

Elizabeth Ellen Carter

Moonstone-Obsession3-6x9Template1.   What’s the name of your latest story – and how hard was it to pick a title?

 I had the title for Moonstone Obsession before I had finishing writing the book and it seemed to stick. Moon and moonstones make a recurring motif with the name of the heroine, although early in the process a beta reader couldn’t quite get where the title fitted in.

2.     If you could choose anyone from any time period, who would you cast as the leads in your latest story?

Oh great question! For the heroine, Selina Rosewall, I would cast Keira Knightley and for the hero, Sir James Mitchell, I would love to cast Henry Cavill

3.     What five words best describe your story?

Romantic, intriguing, passionate, adventurous, intelligent.

4.     Who is your favourite fictional couple?

Emma Peel and John Steed from The Avengers. What a great working partnership  – fun, respectful, playful with great romantic tension.

5.     What song always makes you cry?

I’m not sure I’ve ever had a song that makes me cry, but there are songs which are achingly nostalgic.

On a whim, just a few weeks ago, I did a Google search on a fragment of a lyric which has haunted me since childhood – ‘good morning, how are you? It’s nice to see your face’. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I found the artist – an Australian one-hit wonder from 1974 – Good Morning by The Moir Sisters. Stunning, stunning harmonies. I was five years old and I remember hearing on a road trip my parents and I took to Sydney. I’ll always associate that song with travelling down the Pacific Highway.

About Elizabeth:

EECarterElizabeth Ellen Carter was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth – but it may have been a pen. Ever since then she has been writing… and writing… and writing.

From writing news and feature stories for newspapers to advertising copy (it’s less glamorous than Mad Men) and web site content, she has most recently turned her hand to writing novels in her favourite genre – romance.

Elizabeth Ellen Carter is my way of honouring two special women who are no longer with us.

Elizabeth – my mother was a lady who inspired my lifelong love of books and encouraged my interest in writing. She was a woman who could not bypass *any* bookstore. There was no such thing as just a ‘quick’ look inside. It was no surprised that she spent 25 very happy years as librarian at King’s Christian College on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.

Ellen – mother to my beloved husband. Ellen passed away many years before I met my husband but I’m very grateful that she brought him into the world.

Elizabeth Ellen Carter lives in Queensland, Australia with her husband and two cats Coco and Claude.

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  • elizabethellencarter

    Thank your very much Sourris! 😀
    Writing a story is like watching a rose unflurl. As soon as you think you’ve seen the flower in all its glory, more and more petals are revealed.

  • sourris25

    I love recurring motifs within a work and they were particularly effective within your story. I also enjoyed Moonstone Obsession for its historical accuracy and setting and your wonderful characters. Can’t wait for the sequel!