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f2m The Boy Within

f2m The Boy Within

In 2010, Ford Street Publishing released f2M: The Boy Within, by Hazel Edwards and Ryan Kennedy, about Skye, born female but identifying as male, and his journey to transition to the male he knows himself to be.

The book met with some controversy but also huge support – including a short-listing for the internationally prestigious White Ravens best YA fiction award in 2011. The book was also praised by youth services as one that could help young people dealing with transition issues of their own – either by finding someone with a story similar to theirs, or by giving the book to others in their lives to help them to understand.

Now, the book’s life is extending into a documentary about Ryan Kennedy, whose experiences informed some of Finn’s story. A short version of the documentary by Kailash Studios is on YouTube – a discussion with Hazel and with Ryan, talking about the impact of the book and Ryan’s life.


If you’re interested in the full, 25 minute documentary, contact Kailash Studios for information.

Hazel has also written about what it was like to collaborate with Ryan on a book that has been the centre of so much praise as well as controversy.

Now available as an e-book – a move that makes it more accessible to some of the people to whom it is so relevant – f2m continues to generate conversation and, we hope, greater understanding.

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You can download a study guide here or from Hazel Edwards’ website.