Atlin Merrick on Narrelle M Harris

My final post for the contributors to The Only One in the World is a guest post from Atlin Merrick (who wrote ‘S.H.E.R.L.O.C.K.’ for the anthology) about me, as I couldn’t really write one about myself. I would certainly have been less flattering 😀

The Only One in the World: commissioning editor, Narrelle M Harris

Narrelle M Harris makes me throw things.

Let me clarify: Narrelle’s skill, her verve, the absolute joy that comes through in her writing, makes me fling dandelion puffs and chuck glitter. When she writes about a butterfly, Richard III, about a detective and his doctor, I fling out my arms and shout glee, because Narrelle writes with such grace that I always long as her characters do, strive as they do, I love as they do.

I’ve worked with Narrelle for nearly ten years now, we’ve written professionally for one another, we’ve edited the other’s work, and all I can say is that, if you’ve drawn the straw that means Narrelle’s your editor…lucky you.

A good editor is as invisible as glass, she is as vital as a frame. A good editor takes the picture you’ve painted and helps you make it its absolute best: vibrant, clear, yours. Narrelle is, was, and shall always be that sort of editor because Narrelle is at the very heart of her a writer. That’s important, because as a writer she understands how to put passion on the page, so as an editor she knows how to make sure your passion comes through.

That’s just one reason why I’ve loved writing for Narrelle’s Sherlock Holmes anthology The Only One in the World. Narrelle was clear from the start what she wanted for the collection, how she wanted each story to be part of a wondrous whole – Sherlock Holmes and John Watson throughout the world – and when she asked if I’d write something quite specific, it was a challenge I was delighted to accept.

I’m proud to have taken part in this marvelous collection she’s made, and like everyone else, I’m delighted to see where the other writer’s imaginations went so that I can go there, too.

I met Narrelle M Harris professionally. I met her because of her skill, her verve, her words; it’s by the greatest of luck she also became my friend.

A teeny touch of advice: do not stand too close to Atlin Merrick and Narrelle M Harris when they are together. They are a delight, to be sure, but they are a danger. To every stranger we’ve accidentally smacked, punched, poked, or otherwise wounded because we throw out our arms as we talk glee…we’re sorry.

Narrelle here again (somewhat blushingly). You can also read my interview with Atlin at Clan Destine Press, where I answer questions about the most interesting thing I learned while editing the stories, my favourite thing about working on the book and what, to me, makes the quintessential Holmes and Watson.

You can  buy The Only One in the World at Clan Destine Press right now.