The She-Wolf of Baker Street (now on Patreon)

Now that I’ve completed the five crime/gay romance Duo Ex Machina novellas, a new story has begun serialisation on my Patreon – The She-Wolf of Baker Street!

The She-Wolf of Baker Street is a queer, modern, paranormal take on ACD’s classic characters. Werewolf Audrey Hudson takes on a tenant who may help her discover the mastermind behind the vicious murder of her last pack. He may learn that secret, but first he might have to learn all of hers!

The story began on 15 October 2020, and two chapters will be added each month until the story is told. After that, it will be polished and prepared for publication, and all Patrons will receive an ebook of the final version when the serialisation run is over.

All new patrons get Scar Tissue and Other Stories as a welcome reward, and there are plenty of other rewards depending on your tier, from only US$1/month upwards. (They’re all very werewolf or London themed just at the moment – and sometimes both!)

Visit my Patreon to find out more!

The She Wolf of Baker Street short stories

  • ‘Wolf’s Night In’ is a spoiler-free short story set after the events of She Wolf, featuring Audrey Hudson and Nick Murray, published as a #FlashFictionFriday story.