A Dream to Build a Kiss On (Holmes♥Watson)

A Dream to Build a Kiss On, by Narrelle M Harris, with illustrations by Caroline Jennings, was released by Improbable Press in June 2018!

John Watson, invalided army doctor and sometimes artist, and Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective, become flatmates and friends in contemporary London.

Love grows stealthily too, despite past betrayals and present dangers – for where you have Holmes and Watson, there too are Moriarty and Moran.

A Dream to Build a Kiss On explores love and family, trust and betrayal, brothers and brothers-in- arms, forgiveness and revenge, in an ongoing tale told 221 words at a time.

“This really is an exceptional book and Narrelle is an outstanding writer. [Caroline Jenning’s drawings] work beautifully, as in the story Watson is constantly sketching things.” ~ George Ivanoff, author, Other Worlds series, You Choose series, Gamers series.

Excerpt from A Dream to Build a Kiss On, 129 pages, 15 illustrations:

John drew in his old sketchbook, recalling from mind to fingertips the shape of Sherlock’s sharp-eyed gaze. Fine brows drawn down, dark lashes pronounced against pale skin, eyes alive with fascination as he examined a letter.

He really had to stop drawing his flatmate in such intimate detail. If Sherlock ever actually found this sketchbook, the game would be up entirely.

Hearing Sherlock ascending the stairs, John shoved the book under his shirt. He seized the new one, containing less incriminating art.

Sherlock’s hair was tousled, cheeks flushed with fresh air.

Oh, to make him windswept from kissing!

“Busy morning?” John asked, his voice admirably steady.

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  A Dream to Build a Kiss on 

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