Chronos Awards: Some cool people you should nominate/vote for

Further to my earlier squeeing about the Chronos Awards, there are a lot of really amazing people who are eligible for the awards this year. You should nominate them. And you should vote for them. And if you you don’t know who they are, you should find out!

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it includes some of the Melbourne/Victorian people whose work I have enjoyed in 2010.

Best novel:

Foz Meadows’ YA vampire novel, Solace and Grief, is eligible. So is Kirstyn McDermott’s Madigan Mine, which I haven’t read yet but by all accounts is a most excellent novel.

Best short story:

  • Lucy Sussex, Albert & Victoria/Slow Dreams (Baggage, Ed Gillian Polack)
  • Tessa Kum, Acception (Baggage, Ed Gillian Polack)
  • Paul Haines, Her Gallant Needs (Sprawl, Ed Alisa Krasnostein)
  • Felicity Dowker, Bread and Circuses (Scary Kisses, Ed Liz Grzyb)

Cover of Scary KissesFelicity has put a great list of all her eligible work on her blog, as well as suggestions for other people you should consider nominating,so so and check that out for other potential nominees.

Alisa Krasnostein has also provided a helpful list of potential nominees, including Alex Pierce for her work on the podcast, Galactic Suburbia!

If you know of any work that is eligible for the Chronos Awards, tell us about it here so we can read/view/nominate/vote at Continuum 7!!

And finally, if anyone is really keen to read The Truth About Brains without buying the whole book it’s in, drop me a line and I’ll sort something out…