2012 Chronos Awards: For Your Consideration

The Devil's Mixtape
The Devil’s Mixtape: Eligible for Best Long Fiction and Best Artwork

Nominations for the 2012 Chronos Awards are open until 18 March, so if you read or saw some terrific specfic, horror or fantasy in 2011 by a Victorian, you should consider sending in a nomination.

If you’re not familiar with the Chronos Awards, they were introduced to celebrate “excellence in Victorian SF, Fantasy and Horror”. It’s a great opportunity for the Victorian fan community to recognise the talent in its midst. A work needs four nominations to make it onto the ballot, so obviously the more people who are involved in the nominatino process, as well as the voting, the more representative the awards are.

A list of works eligible for nomination is under construction, but I thought I would highlight a few works on this blog as well. Where I’ve reviewed the item, I’m linking to my review of the work.

Professional Categories:

Best Long Fiction (including collected works)
Best Short Fiction
  • Steve Cameron: So Sad, The Lighthouse Keeper published in Anywhere But Earth
  • Lucy Sussex: Thief of Lives published in Thief of Lives
Best Artwork
  • Audrey Fox: cover for The Devil’s Mixtape.
  • A Golem Story by Lally Katz, Michael Kantor [theatre] (reviewed on Mortal Words)

Fan Categories:

Best Fan Publication in any Medium
  • Bad Film Diaries (podcast), by Grant Watson.
  • Galactic Suburbia (podcast), by Alisa Krasnostein, Tansy Rayner Roberts, and Alex Pierce.
  • The Writer and the Critic (podcast), hosted by Kirstyn McDermott and Ian Mond
  • PaleoCinema (podcast) hosted by Terry Frost
  • Boxcutters (podcast), episode 269 “Making SciFi TV for Adults”, by Josh Kinal, John Richards, et al.
  • Dark Matter, fanzine edited by Nalini Haynes.
  • Ethel the Aardvark (MSFC club magazine).
Best Fan Written Work
  • Your Heart Is A Weapon the Size of Your Fist by Mary Borsellino, Hunger Games essay examining love as a political act published in The Girl Who Was on Fire. (Reviewed on Mortal Words)
  • Reviews by various folks in fanzines and blogs, including reviews by Steven Cameron, Nalini Haynes, Chuck McKenzie, George Ivanoff and even mine from this blog. You guys probaby know more about the reviewers you follow and like than me, but don’t forget they’re eligible in this category.

Special Award for works not eligible in existing categories:

Best Achievement
  • Computer animated book trailer for Gamers’ Challenge by George Ivanoff, created by Henry Gibbens.

This list is a very limited idea of the bodhy of work that’s eligible for nomination. If you’ve been impressed by a Victorian’s work in 2011, please take a moment to contact the Continuum 8 awards committee to send them your nominations.