Lockdown Fiction: Bone Deep

After a sudden run of work, I’ve finally had time to write some more lockdown fiction to the Improbable Press prompt this week! Bone Deep The ocean floor is made of bones. The earth’s great rocky bones of quartz, mainly, but others too. The calcium of shells and skeletons, the structures of coral and whales and clams and the great […]

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Lockdown Fiction: Curtains

Written from the Clan Destine Press prompt. Curtains Tala knows that Dev and Gaz think they’re a couple of comics. Funny enough to be YouTube famous, they think. Next stop, The Comedy Festival! But that ship has sailed, or rather it has sunk, under the leaden weight of jokes about being drunk or high, making fun of people’s accents and […]

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Lockdown Fiction: Getaway

Another story written for a Clan Destine Press prompt! Getaway Jase couldn’t afford a getaway car, and anyway, neither of them had a driver’s licence, so his  best friend Max waited outside the ratty house on a getaway bicycle. Once Jase did the deed, he came belting out of Greasy Don’s house at top speed, the ill-kept puppy clutched to […]

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