Flash Fiction: Stop. Don’t Stop.

Each week I’ll ask my Twitter followers for a word, phrase, image or character as prompts for flash fiction. I’ll select a few and write a quick short fic! If you want to take part, follow me on Twitter and look out for the hashtag #FlashFictionFriday. This week’s prompts are from Twitter users @azriona1912, @avawtsn (who prompted a Sherlockian story) […]

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Coming in 2021

Already I have several stories and some more music planned for this year. Here’s a little look at some upcoming projects! Who Sleuthed It? (pre-order for March release) The She-Wolf of Baker Street (currently on Patreon) The Only One in the World (coming soon) Root and Branch (coming soon) More songs from the Duo Ex Machina song project Who Sleuthed It? Due for […]

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New Anthology: Oz Is Burning

B Cubed Press’s fundraising anthology Oz is Burning has been released, just a little behind its original timing to coincide with the NZ Worldcon! B Cubed commissioned the stories as a response to the devastating bushfires of February 2020 (how long ago that seems now) and a portion of the proceeds will be going to WIRES. Australian and New Zealand […]

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