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Grounded: On Sale in ANZ during June 2020

Escape Publishing has put my wingfic romance ebook, Grounded, on special in Australia and New Zealand for the whole month of June 2020!

About Grounded

In a world where wings give everyone the freedom to fly, an artist born wingless uses her art to show the winged world the wonder of the ground. But when she meets a recently injured police officer who finds himself grounded, they will both learn that there is more than one way to soar.


Grounded is one of the best paranormal romances I’ve read. It is smart and sweet, with some fantastic worldbuilding and genuine warmth between the characters.

~Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Earl Grey Editing

Loved the storyline, characters, and the lovin! The themes of disability/ accessibility were a welcome breath of fresh air

Stephanie Livingston-Bujold 

 A sweet, empowering tale of renewal.

D. Antonio, Amazon

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Crowdfunding for a Song: The Music of Duo Ex Machina

Can you help me fill my Ko-Fi cup?

I grew up influenced by musicals, and that may be why I now write so many stories with music in them.

As a child I learned piano and though that fell by the wayside – partly because my family kept moving house and moving the cheap old piano along with us was a bit of a palaver – I’ve always enjoyed playing around with lyrics and songwriting.

In the 80s, when I discovered fandom and film music, I ended up collaborating with Fiona Thompson (nee Undy) on a Blake’s 7 filktape called Voices from the Past.

Decades have passed since then. I still can’t play the piano, or really sing, but fandom led me back to songwriting once more. I wrote lyrics for an alternative universe Sherlock Holmes series and then started writing lyrics into other stories.

I wrote lyrics for songs relating to the Witches of Tyne series. Then I wrote them for the first Duo Ex Machina novella, Fly By Night, to go alongside the lyrics of songs by About Six Feet (used with their permission)

Then a few years ago, spurred on by those fan-inspired lyrics on AO3 and how much people liked them, I wrote more and more music. (I’ve since dragged both Blake’s 7 and Holmes filk into the worlds of Kitty and Cadaver and Duo Ex Machina.)

Further novellas in the Duo Ex Machina series – Sacrifice, Number One Fan, Kiss and Cry and the current (and final) story, Little Star, all contain songs that I wrote, because it’s easier to do that yourself than get permission to use other lyrics. Also because I love it!

It’s been my delight in recent years to work with Jess Harris of Bronze to bring Kitty songs to life in their performances and recordings.

I’m now aiming to work with another musician – music producer Joshua King – to transform the Duo Ex Machina songs from lyrics on a page to songs in your ear!

To this end, I’ve set up as Ko-Fi account to raise funds to pay for studio time, singers and musicians. I’ll be updating the site each week with lyrics, my a cappella versions of the melodies and examples of words-to-music that have come out of previous collaborations!

If you have a few dollars to spare and would like to support new music in Melbourne, you can donate below!

Fundraising through Dangerous Charm

If you prefer to wear your support, I’m also putting the proceeds of any jewellery sales from Dangerous Charm (which includes jewellery inspired by Kitty and Cadaver and Duo Ex Machina) directly into the song-making bank!

ToC Reveal: Oz is Burning

While the Branch and Root anthology has been delayed for various reasons, other anthologies are still being produced and I’m absolutely delighted to announce that I have a story in another new anthology: Oz is Burning.

I don’t have a cover to reveal for it yet, but I can reveal the table of contents. It’s always flattering and marvellous to appear alongside writers I admire!

Oz Is Burning is being published by B Cubed Press. The book of apocalyptic fiction was conceived as a response to February’s terrible bushfires (how long ago they seem now!) and the publisher’s share of the profits will be donated to a relevant charity.

More news to come when the cover is ready to share and the publication date known. (The book was originally to have been available for New Zealand’s August 2020 Worldcon, which is now an online event. )

In the meantime – here is the Table of Contents for the upcoming Oz is Burning by B Cubed Press!

  • And Gaia Screams by Ann Poore
  • Across the Ditch by Clare Rhoden
  • Burn, Burn! by Almas Alexander
  • Red Sky at Morning by Sue Bursztynski
  • Fires of the Heart by E.E. King
  • Pay Back by Alex Isle
  • By the Grace of God by Harold Gross
  • Should Fire Remember the Fuel by Kyla Lee Ward
  • Welcoming the End by Aura Redwood
  • Beef by Zena Shapter
  • The Last Wish by Lauren E. Mitchell
  • Wollemi Dreaming by Jason Nahrung
  • Firestorm Sounds by Suzanne Newnham
  • Red Sky, Blue Dream by Jack Dann
  • Infestation by Paula Boer
  • Writing on the Wall by Gillian Polack
  • Dire Insurance by Jared Kavanaugh
  • Divorce by Donna J. W. Munro
  • Inconvenient Visitor by Lucy Sussex
  • Burning Hearts by Eleanor Whitworth
  • Harvest by Narrelle M. Harris
  • A Town Called Hope by Silvia Brown

Cover Reveal: Duo Ex Machina 5 – Little Star

I’m so pleased to reveal to you the cover of the fifth and final novella of the Duo Ex Machina series, Little Star.

Willsin Rowe has designed the covers for each of the novellas, and he’s brought us to the end with this delight.

About Little Star

Families can be thorny, especially when the closet’s full of skeletons. It’s 2019, and Frank and Milo are realising a dream they only recently realised they had – fatherhood. But they’re not only gaining a daughter – they’re inheriting a some serious issues from little Lyra’s extended family. Milo is also discovering his own family history isn’t quite what he’s been told.

Parenthood. Always full of surprises…

Little Star is currently being serialised on my Patreon for supporters from the lowest tier upwards – so if you don’t want to wait until that’s finished, you can pledge your monthly support now for two chapters a month (and more if you pledge at higher levels) and then the finalised ebook on completion.

(As a bonus, if you join my Patreon now, you’ll get the first four novellas as a sign-up reward!)